How It Works

This is how it works

 1-900-Buns are made twice a week in Downtown Vancouver

  • Bake of the week is announced on Friday
  • Buns are Pre-Order online in box of Four.
  • Buns can be picked up or delivered on Tuesdays & Fridays (You will have the option to choose pickup date at checkout)
  • After ordering we will send you a confirmation on Pick Up/Delivery time slots.
  • Recommended to pre-order 2 days days prior to pick up date for guaranteed order.
  • Subscriptions to our weekly bake drop with give you the first chance to order.

We have a few different styles of Bun drops depending on the week and availability.

  • Pre-order pick up: Pre-Order through “” to schedule pickup or delivery.
  • Day Of Sales: Gamble without having a preorder? We make a limited amount of buns apart from our Pre-order that allow customers to schedule a time and pick up from the commissary kitchen. This can be ordered the day off by calling us at (778-814-1076)
  • Delivery : We will be doing deliveries on selected dates, depending on supply. We will soon be adding other delivery partners for your convenience. Check back for updates.

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